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How to Make Your Home or Office Really Shine

Have you ever walked into someone’s home or office and it felt sparkly clean? Are you unable to get that same effect after you clean?

Here are some cleaning tips to take your space from “just” clean to dazzling:

1. Keep your mop head damp NOT wet

It may feel that spreading more water on the floor, or keeping your mop head dripping, will help you get the job done faster. You may move across the floor faster, but the end result will not be the sparkling job you want! Take your time when mopping and keep your mop head damp instead of wet. This will help eliminate streaks and water marks!

2. Dust from top to bottom before you vacuum

Starting at the top allows you to continue catching the dust as it falls. Vacuuming last will then pick up any particles that didn’t make it onto the duster or microfiber rag! This will allow your room to truly be dust-free.

3. Place a mat at the entrance

Mats help collect dirt, salt, snow, and all other outdoor debris before it makes its way to other areas of your home or office. Always taking off your shoes at home, and asking guests to do the same, can help maintain a freshly clean space. While you can’t expect the same at the office, the mat will help collect debris before shoes make their way to other areas.

4. Don’t forget the walls

Marks and scuffs on the walls can make even the cleanest environment feel dingy. By spot cleaning marks on a weekly basis and implementing a monthly full wipe-down, your space can really shine! It’s amazing how much of a difference a clean wall can make in the appearance of a room!

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