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Tips to Keep Your Space Clean in the Winter

Winter can bring a wide variety of weather, which in turn, can affect the cleanliness of your home, office or facility. A few simple steps can help keep your space clean regardless of what winter throws your way!

1. Keep Salt Outside

Salt does a great job of melting ice and snow. It also, however, does a great job of causing floor damage inside! It is important to regulate the amount of salt you use - a little really does do a lot - and do what you can to prevent it being tracked inside, such as using a sturdy mat. While this will help, salt will still be tracked indoors. To protect your floors and to keep the space clean, regular salt removal is very important. Performing salt removal everyday will take much less time than saving it for one day of cleaning!

2. Let the Sun In

The sun can be sparse in Winter, but when it is around, be sure to LET IT IN! Regularly cleaning windows, both inside and outside, to allow maximum sunlight not only has positive benefits for your mental health, but also in keeping your space clean. Sunlight helps to dry out wet spots caused by tracked in snow and ice which can eliminate the spreading of bacteria or growth of mold.

3. Set Up a Shoe Brushing Station

A shoe brushing station can not only aid in the prevention of bringing salt inside, it can help keep your entryway free of slush and stains. Much less cleaning to do when you prevent the dirt from getting there in the first place! A shoe brushing station will also keep your space dry. Keeping your entryway dry will prevent another winter risk - falling on a slippery surface. It's much easier to maintain a clean space, whether that be home or office, when you are free from injury!

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