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Why Being a Janitor is a Great Job

As far as jobs go, janitorial positions often get a bad rap. Working as a janitor, however, can actually be a pretty sweet gig. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Flexible Schedule

In many janitorial positions, you are able to have a flexible schedule. You may clean a location after their business hours, giving you the freedom to go at 6:00 pm, 10:00 pm, or even 2:00 am depending on your personal schedule and needs!

2. Physical Activity

In a way, you are getting paid to exercise! Cleaning is physical work and is a great way to burn calories! Lifting, pushing, pulling, squatting - you get a full body workout and are getting paid to do it!

3. Independent Work

Many janitorial positions are done individually. You are able to work at a comfortable pace to your own rhythm. In many cases, even when you are cleaning with a crew, you can put your earphones in and jam to music while accomplishing your tasks!

4. You Make a Difference Every Day

Do you know how many businesses would be able to function efficiently if basic cleaning duties weren't being performed? Very few, if any, would be able to perform their work well. Cleaning staff help make the world a safer, more sanitary place. Wiping down desks help keep employees healthier. Removing trash from buildings helps keep the air fresh and clean. A clean environment can help prevent anxiety and eliminate stress. Janitors perform a very important job!

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